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8-9 September 2019 - New Delhi, India

About SimplED

SimplED is a social enterprise co-founded and run by an International Educator with experts from Google & Stanford on its advisory board. SimplED works with a vision to globalize education.

SimplED aims at making recruiting practices in India ethical, transparent & commission free while helping our U.S. partners build a sustainable and comprehensive recruiting program in India.

Our Leadership

Get to know our leadership. 

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Astitva Chopra

Business Development

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Alumni of Booth School of Business, Chicago & corporate strategist at Google, Mountain View, CA.

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Yasir Ansari

Director & Co-founder

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Alumni of Southeast Missouri State University &

Former International Student Coordinator at Kansas State University

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Dr. Rahul Verma

Research & Advising

Alumni of Stanford University, author & contributor for leading newspapers like The Hindu & NDTV

Our Services For...

U.S. Institutions

India is a unique & diverse market; so, our experts have carefully designed a targeted tour comprising of strategically selected schools, that connects your institution to the right fit students.We use combination of strategies to ensure you have a competitive advantage and get visibility in the Indian market.

Indian Institutions

We add value to your institution by developing relationships and network with leading American universities and colleges, opening doors to many future endeavors, such as exchange programs, summer programs, professional development and hosting US University representatives at your campus.

Students & Parents

We are committed towards guiding you with credible, reliable and timely information to help students make an informed decision about their overseas study options.We provide you with pre departure workshops & orientation, visa process assistance & preparation, guidance on admission tests and Program and University selection.

Video in Conclave Testimonials   Intervi

Minnu Paul

A s s i s t a n t  D i r e c t o r  o f  

In t e r n a t i o n a l  P r o g r ams, Methodist University

The conclave 
instills productivity in us by scheduling meetings, making sure that we schedule those meetings
way in advance so there is a discipline in the conference. In addition, it is small enough that you can meet everyone but big enough that you
have a variety of universities that you can meet with and talk about collaborations with as well.


Video in Conclave Testimonials   Intervi

J ohn O ' C onnell 

D i r e c t o r , I n s t i t u t e  o f  S t u d y  A b r o a d  I r e l a n d

I was pleasantly surprised that how well it was organized and with the quality of the other
delegates that were here. Today we’ve had very successful and interesting meetings with the
whole variety of people and I am very happy with everything so far with the conference.

Video in Conclave Testimonials   Intervi

Ether Rumsey

D i r e c t o r o f I n t e r n a t i o n a l S t u d i e s,  

S u l  R o s s S t a t e   U n i v e r s i t y

I think the idea of an international conclave with an opportunity to talk to a lot of different
schools at one place is a really good idea. Overall, I've been very pleased with my experience in
the whole organization and you know would definitely recommend it to others and my

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