Events designed to give students a platform to

Interact with the U.S. Universities

Go beyond webinars & ditch the one-sided communication. Our event allows you to directly engage with universities via audio, video, or chat. Attend and get all your U.S. education questions answered.  

27th & 28th Jan

Interested in signing up your students?

We welcome schools, career counselors & educational organizations to sign up.

Meet university reps in 3 clicks

1. Click on the 'Univ Booths' tab.

2. Enter the selected Booth.

3. Interact with the institution by clicking on the virtual chair.

Resources for students

Opportunity to boost your resume & get awarded!

Students selected as ambassadors are awarded a certificate, an Rs.1100 Amazon gift card, and the opportunity to receive a free counseling session with Simpled founder & director Mr. Ansari. 

Student Ambassadors will talk to each university at the Simpled virtual event for about 10 minutes each & submit a short 250-word article on their experience, or they may submit a 2-minute video. The article and/or video will be published on Simpled website & social media.


Talk to each institution about various scholarships available and how to apply.