The most evolved, comprehensive & strategic recruiting tour for India.



Most institutions treat India as one, however, India is a huge, dynamic and extremely diverse country. India has many layers, social classes and market segments. It is imperative to identify the ideal market before starting any outreach in India.

Indian students are not just recruited by American universities but universities from across the globe. Most agents are offered hefty commission to recruit for them, hence, most agents tend to focus on institutions that offer the most commissions. Plus, agent market is completely non-regulated. Most agents are not certified by any agency and sometimes might not have student's best interest in mind. 

On a traditional recruitment tour, there are anywhere between 20 to 30 participating institutions. Also, most tour providers, tend to visit high level international schools and organize fairs at top 5 star hotels. The audience that is interested in community college does not study in extravagant private international schools nor do they frequent post 5 start hotels. Hence, these tours fail to connect community colleges to their target audience.


  • India is projected to have the world's largest middle class by 2030. Indian middle class is known to spend on education & healthcare. 

  • India will soon have the largest and youngest population in the world. 

  • There is currently a huge gap between demand for higher education & number of higher education institution in India. Hence, students are eagerly looking for affordable & quality education abroad. Community college addressed this need perfectly. 

  • Indian middle class looks at higher education as an investment to a better future. If explained properly, most students are very excited about prospects of studying in a community college. 

    • Students appreciate getting OPT after associates & then after bachelors.

    • Students value the cost saved by going through the community college route, yet getting a bachelor's degree from desired institution. 


SimplED has worked with many community colleges- Pima Community College, Evergreen Valley College, Santiago Canyon College etc. and has held workshops in more than 100 high schools across India. 

Sample Itinerary

Once landed, a friendly staff member escorts to your luxurious and comfortable hotel, where you can get some rest and wear off that jet lag; following which, you are taken to the orientation area, where you learn about the details of the tour itinerary, cultural intricacies, and talking point among other things.


Staying true to the Indian hospitality- SimplEd team will host a welcome dinner for you, which gives us an opportunity to get to know each other & answer any questions you might have.


In the evenings we schedule some social outings. India is a diverse and beautiful country- we want to help you connect with students & schools but at the same time we would love to expose you to the fabrics of India, whether it’s through a quick visit to a local temple, a monument or a local bar-  India never ceases to surprise and awe.

View sample Itinerary from our previous tour.


The tour inclusions are:


    • Consultation on how to prepare for India

    • Support with promotional material

    • Assist to understand and develop a communication plan for India

    • Assist to understand the Indian education system

    • Assistance with the presentation - preparation pointers

    • Keywords to be used during interaction with students, parents, counselors, and principals

    • Any other assistance

  • ON-TOUR 

    • Orientation

    • Welcome and Goodbye Dinner

    • Detailed digitized and print copy of the itinerary with the description of cities and schools

    • All logistics

    • Handling of the promotional material

    • Visit 4 to 5 cities, 20+ schools

    • Interaction with 1800+ students

    • On-tour domestic flights

    • 5-star accommodation

    • All ground transport on tour

    • One-on-one interactions with principals & counselors

    • Students lead collection

    • Digitized copy of student leads collected


    • 60 days post tour follow up

    • Lead generation support

    • Re-engaging students via calls, emails, & WhatsApp

    • Engaging parents of interested students

    • Assist in connecting with the interested leads

    • Re-engaging school counselors & principals

    • Revisiting schools for workshops with high interests

    • Sharing leads generated through our post-tour support


International flight to/from India & meals are not included in the tour price.


Fill in the Sign-Up form and email it to


60 more days prior to start date: Full refund of the refundable charges.

46 - 59 days prior to tour start date: 50% of the refundable charges.

31 - 45 days prior to tour start date: 25% of the refundable charges.

30 days or less to tour start date: No refund.

In case a traveler(s) only attends a partial tour, the institution will be liable

for the entire tour cost.