Welcome to Simpled! We are delighted that you are here. We have designed a comprehensive training session for you. The training consists of instructions videos, documents & quizzes. You are required to follow closely all the directions listed in the training modules. The format of the training is a “self service” style, hence, you are expected to adhere to the instructions and complete the training as per your schedule. 


The onboarding process includes 3 evaluations. After the first two evaluations, you will be given in-depth feedback. It is expected that you will use the feedback as an opportunity to work on areas you need further help in. If a candidate fails to pass the third or the final evaluation on day 5 with the director, he/she will be required to go over the training again. The team member will be allotted 3 days of unpaid leave to review the training material & retake the assessment.


It is expected that by the end of the training each team members masters (a) Services & products offered by Simpled (b) Understanding of International education industry in the US (c) Calling etiquettes & script (d) CRM application (e) HR policies & processes