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Pharmacy Careers in the United States

India’s surging middle class is looking for higher education opportunities not just within India but internationally. The U.S. still stands at the helm of preferences of Indian students studying abroad.

Dr. Terrence Graham, ISO, School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California, Dr. Anum Tanvir, MD, Physician, Prima Medicals and Khyati Ashtekar, MS, Regulatory Science and an practising Pharmacist, addressed the session "Pharmacy Careers in the United States" on Saturday, 7th November, 2020. Several pharmacy students from KIET Group of institutions, Ghaziabad, India participated to learn about many opportunities that exist in the field of pharmacy. Dr. Preeti Chitkara, Director, International Relations, KIET Group of Institutions was also present to grace the occasion and thank our expert speakers/presenters/ doctors/experts from different fields.

We are happy to share the recording of the session with you.

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