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Win More Enrollments
with the Simpled Smart Tours.

Everything you need to prepare, arrange travel, prospect, schedule school visits
& follow up with the students. 

Smart Tours Explained in under 4 minutes

Welcome to Simpled-Student Recruitment Tours, where we revolutionize international student recruitment.


Say goodbye to traditional high school visits and embrace the power of Simpled Smart tours. In just a few minutes, this video will unveil the countless benefits our tours bring to your esteemed institution.

Join us on this transformative journey and witness how our innovative approach can revolutionize your institution's global outreach.

Business Conference

We are proud to be sponsors & exhibitors of the IACAC conference. We are committed to supporting our counseling & admissions community. 


We are proud to have associations with industry leaders.

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Disclaimer: The Logos listed belong to the organizations and no infringement is intended. The representation here shows Simpled's association as a sponsor, member, speaker or exhibitor of the listed organization. 

What Is Simpled ?

The mission of Simpled is to connect you with the right students through strategically designed smart tours. With a worldwide network of students, educators, and higher-education decision-makers, we connect your institution with a global audience.


Recruiting tours for undergraduates and graduates are available in India, the Middle East, Latin America, and Pakistan through Simpled.


Partner experiences: Hear their stories

Explore what are most recent partner institutions have to say about us.