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Win More Enrollments
with the Simpled Smart Tours.

Everything you need to prepare, arrange travel, prospect, schedule school visits
& follow up with the students. 

Smart Tours Explained in under 4 minutes

Welcome to Simpled-Student Recruitment Tours, where we revolutionize international student recruitment.


Say goodbye to traditional high school visits and embrace the power of Simpled Smart tours. In just a few minutes, this video will unveil the countless benefits our tours bring to your esteemed institution.

Join us on this transformative journey and witness how our innovative approach can revolutionize your institution's global outreach.

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We are proud to announce our partnership with U.S. Commercial Services for our India Tours. The U.S. Commercial Service (CS) is the export promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA). 


We are proud to have associations with industry leaders.

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Disclaimer: The Logos listed belong to the organizations and no infringement is intended. The representation here shows Simpled's association as a sponsor, member, speaker or exhibitor of the listed organization. 


Introducing Simpled Express Smart Tours!

Our Express Smart Tours are expertly crafted 5-day multi-city high school recruitment expeditions meticulously designed to facilitate seamless connections between esteemed higher education institutions and well-suited students from high schools, alongside high school guidance counselors.

The Advantages of Choosing Express Smart Tours:

Maximize ROI, Minimize Expenses

With Express Smart Tours, your  institution can stretch its recruitment budget effectively. By investing merely 50% of the usual cost, you can achieve an impactful outreach that rivals our full-length recruitment tours.

High-Quality Planning and Execution

With years of experience in organizing successful international student recruitment tours, Simped prides itself on the high-quality planning and execution of each Express Smart Tour. From the itinerary to the logistics, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience for your institution

Unmatched Affordability and Flexibility

Simped offers you the freedom to choose the most suitable option for your institution. For a modest investment of just $4990, you gain access to a targeted and efficient recruitment tour. For example, you can capitalize on the unique opportunity to combine tours, allowing you to participate in both our India tour and either the Pakistan or the Middle East tour, all under a budget-friendly package of under $10,000. This ensures that your institution can extend its reach to cover two vital regions while staying cost-effective – a remarkable advantage over other tours, which typically begin at $10,000 for any market.

Targeted Outreach and Networking

Our Express Smart Tours focus on fostering meaningful connections with high schools and dedicated guidance counselors, enabling you to engage with the most promising student prospects in these regions. By streamlining travel logistics and handling all arrangements, we ensure that your representatives can fully concentrate on interactive sessions and networking, maximizing the potential to build lasting relationships.

What Is Simpled ?

Simped is a leading international student recruitment tour company that specializes in organizing exceptional recruitment tours for universities and colleges. With a strong network of high schools and counselors globally, we offer tailored tours that facilitate direct interactions with students and networking with counselors.


Our comprehensive services include handling all travel logistics, ensuring that our participants can focus solely on engaging with potential students, and building meaningful connections. .


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