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We're sorry to have to break it to you, but we've got some hard numbers to back us up—and they're pretty impressive.


The Fall 2022 Tours were a great success. Check out the reports from the most recent tours if you don't believe us.

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Latin America Fall 2022 Tour

We had a great first experience in Latin America. We visited 22 top schools, met 30 counselors, and interacted with 1377 students. Over the 10-day period, we visited 4 countries and 5 cities including Bogota, Peru, Quito, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo.

Middle-East Fall 2022 Tour

Our first experience of visiting Middle East turned out to be exciting and successful. Not only did we visit top schools but had great connect with the counselors and students. Over the period of 10 days, we visited 21 schools, met 35 counselors and interacted with 2184 students.

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Pakistan Fall 2022 Tour

This was our first time visiting Pakistan, and it was a very welcoming experience. During the 7-day trip, we visited Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. We interacted with 1760 students over the course of 7 days, visiting 13 schools and meeting 40 counselors.

India Tier 1 Fall 2022 Tour

India has always been our stronghold. We continued to excel in this country, and we are proud of our achievements.  In the course of 10 days, we visited 21 schools, met 23 counselors, and interacted with 2503 students.

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India Forum in association with CCID

The  7-day trip to India focused on advocacy and growing international student enrollments in community colleges. The IEM professionals met with U.S. and Indian government agencies to tackle the issues facing local colleges, and connected directly with prospective students through high school visits.

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