Amazing Hotel Hacks To Improve Your Stay When You Travel

When booking a hotel stay for a night/week, what’s usually expected are the basics which include, watching a movie, relaxing, getting a good night’s sleep as well as getting to eat some delicious English breakfast.

The last or never-thought of is how that same hotel can become uncomfortable. Undoubtedly, it won’t cost a 5-star hotel to provide you all of the aforementioned in order to make you feel at home. Anyways, the bitter reality is that far from every hotel you lodge at will be up to your standard.

Fortunately, some individuals have come up with several life hacks while staying at a hotel, most especially the bad ones. A traveler’s hotel hack in getting rid of the space between curtains inspired many others to share as well.

We at SimplED have gathered a list of the best hotel hacks in order to improve your stay when you travel. Kindly scroll down and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

1. If you ever need an extra phone charger ask the front desk if they found one. They have a box full.

2. If you want to improve every night spent in a hotel try doing this.

3. If at check in you are asked if you would like to pay to upgrade to another room, you should decline. They will often times give you the upgrade for free. Hotels do this as a last ditch effort when they have oversold the room you originally booked.

4. Not many people realize, but you can use any card to keep the power on.

5. Always travel with a power splitter so you never have to chose between unplugging the lamp or the clock.