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For Students

Our Upcoming Webinars 

for U.S. University International Enrollment Professionals

Panellists will include principals & counsellors from premiere high schools

College Students

Understanding Pakistan

Wed, 18 May | 8:00 PM IST

An introduction to Pakistan's K12 education system (What works in the Pakistani high schools?

Business Planning

How to create a dynamic outreach plan for Latin America

Thurs, 19 May | 9:30 PM IST

School Student

Middle East Counselor’s round table

Wed, 25 May | 9:00 PM IST

Insights for international universities.

School Building

Indian Counselor’s round


Wed, 26 May | 8:00 PM IST

Insights for international universities

Children in School Bus

Understanding the

Middle East

Wed, 15 June | 9:00 PM IST

An introduction to the K12 education system in the Middle East

Education Advocate

New Education Policy


Mon, 20 June | 8:00 PM IST

Its implementation insights

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